Software information Patient Platform

Company name
Maxwell Plus

310 Edward St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

EU authorised representative name and address
EC REP Advena Ltd. Tower Business Centre, 2nd Flr., Tower Street, Swatar, BKR 4013 Malta.

Product name
Maxwell Plus


Date of release
19 May 2022

UPI [Unique product Identifier] as a text
GTIN-13 935442200-001-C

Intended use
Web-enabled interface platform intended to communicate clinician generated reports and recommendations to the patient.

Indications for use
The product allows the patient user to input basic details and create an account within the system. Clinicians using connected software can then view the basic patient details. Clinicians using connected software can create and send reports and recommendations to the patient. The product does not perform calculations or generate recommendations, it only displays those generated and sent by clinicians using connected software. Recommendations and reports may contain text or visuals representing medical data about the patient as collected and reviewed by the clinician.

Intended user
This product is intended to be used by a patient end user in service of connecting with a registered clinician utilising connected software.