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PSAI™ Monitoring — analysing your data to detect early signs of prostate cancer.

A new online service using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and specialist clinicians to maximise your chance of early detection.

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  • How does PSAI™ Monitoring detect early signs of prostate cancer?

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What makes PSAI™ Monitoring different?

Prostate-Specific Artificial Intelligence (PSAI™) Monitoring analyses your data for complex trends that may indicate early signs of prostate cancer. We provide this as a detailed report with clear next steps on how to reduce uncertainty and when to get tested next.

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How Maxwell Plus works

No referral or previous testing required to start.

1.Initial assessment

Answer a few questions to see if Maxwell Plus is right for you.

2. Data gathering

We track down all your relevant medical history. If you need an up to date blood test, we organise this for you.

3. AI assisted review

We assign you a specialist clinician who reviews all your results assisted by AI.

4. Ongoing care

Your clinician writes you a detailed report with your next steps. We organise all follow-up tests and reminders for you.

Affiliated Urologists

Working with Australia's leading urologists

Our monitoring service was created with leading urologists to help combat the late detection of prostate cancer.

Combining clinical expertise and Artificial Intelligence, our service was designed to maximise your chance of early detection.

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Trusted by Australian men

Our service has detected dozens of cases of previously undiagnosed high-grade prostate cancer. Currently our reports are used by thousands of Australian men to monitor for early signs of prostate cancer for total peace of mind.

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Until Maxwell Plus has your up to date, complete data we cannot provide complete medical advice. As such the information in the initial PSAI Report report, while filtered, should be considered general in nature. Men should consult with a clinician, like those at Maxwell Plus, before making decisions around testing or other medical procedures.

Managing your risk to your specific situation requires a detailed analysis of your previous data. We recommend all men over 40 years of age to sign up and get checked by clicking the button below.

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