Affiliated Urologist

Professor Phillip Stricker




Suite 1001, St Vincent’s Clinic
438 Victoria Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia


(02) 8382 6971



Professor Phillip Stricker is one of the leading experts in the management and treatment of prostate cancer in Australasia. He is also one of the Australian pioneers in focal therapy to treat prostate cancer.

Professor Stricker’s clinical practice is dedicated to the management and treatment of prostate cancer focusing on personalised care. He is the Director of the St. Vincent’s Prostate Cancer Centre, Chairman of the Department of Urology at St. Vincent’s Private Hospital and Clinic, and the Clinical Director of the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre in New South Wales. He is also a Professor and Associate Professor at multiple recognised institutions such as the University of Sydney and Western Sydney, the University of Tasmania, and the University of North South Wales.

Professor Stricker is a member of the Australian Cancer Network. He has collaborative research partnerships within Australia and globally. He has been involved with numerous successful grant funding applications for cancer-related movements.