Our research

Our leadership team

Elliot Smith, PhD
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Elliot Smith is one of the leading voices of Artificial Intelligence for healthcare in the world. After completing his PhD at the University of Queensland – Elliot founded Maxwell Plus after seeing huge issues with the rates of early and accurate detection. He has published numerous papers across the use of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare and is the supervisor of a number of PhD students studying Artificial Intelligence applications to imaging of the brain and body.
Dr. Peter Swindle
Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Peter Swindle is one of Australia’s leading Urologists having worked solely in prostate cancer for many years. He has treated thousands of patients and conducted thousands of robotic prostatectomys across the country. Dr. Swindle is passionate about early and accurate detection and has been heavily involved in the advocacy of early testing and the use of multi-parametric MRI.
Phil Morle
Phil is a Partner at the CSIRO’s venture capital fund – Main Sequence Ventures. He invests in deep tech founders who are building unimaginable new companies with a strong connection to research. Before this, he was the founder of Australia’s first Silicon Valley-style incubator, Pollenizer, where Phil played an instrumental role in developing the startup ecosystem across the Asia Pacific and advised some of the world’s biggest organisations on practical ways to deliver new growth and the cultural change that is required to get there.
Tom White
Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer
Tom is responsible for ensuring Maxwell Plus’ patients get the accurate, fast and high-quality care they need. Before Maxwell Plus – Tom was an engineer and management consultant with McKinsey & Company gaining experience across a number of industries in strategic development, operations improvements and transaction advisory. He was a co-founder of a medical device startup at University that successfully completed a number of medical trials.

Clinical advisors

Dr. Anthony (Tony) Costello
Dr Anthony (Tony) Costello, AM MD FRACS FRCSI Hon MB BS is an Australia trained Urologist formerly head of the Department of Urology, Royal Melbourne Hospital (1999 – 2020) and remains Professorial Fellow in the University of Melbourne Department of Surgery. Professor Costello has published over 250 peer reviewed articles in various journals internationally and nationally. He is the author of a 20 chapters in textbooks internationally. In 2007 he established a Bio resource: tissue bank for prostate cancer tissue, blood, and bio informatics. Professor Costello was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia AM for outstanding service in medical research and education. In 2012 he was integral in establishing the Australian Prostate Centre (APC). APC established and built a dedicated Centre for prostate cancer patients and has now seen 16,000 patients. The centre is a significant research resource in prostate cancer.

Our investors

Our stories

Peter joined Maxwell Plus after an awareness session at his local police headquarters. With a family history, Peter had always kept an eye on his prostate health, however, a rising PSA was missed. This rising PSA was flagged and after an MRI that indicated the presence of a lesion, a biopsy confirmed aggressive cancer. After the surgery, the  Peter has now recovered from, his surgery and is now enjoying his return to health, his retirement after a distinguished public service career. Peter is a regular advocate for Men's Health.

"Early detection saved my life. I have Maxwell Plus to thank for that."

60, Police Officer, Prostate Cancer Survivor

"I got tested because I want to enjoy life longer. Having a wife, two sons, a daughter and two grandkids I want to see them grow up. I have a colleague - he's 62 and his parents are still alive and healthy. I want to be like those guys parents to my kids and grandkids. I sadly never met my grandparents, I want to spend quality time with all my family.Maxwell Plus is so available, so streamlined great staff to deal with. It's so convenient why wouldn't you do it? You don't even need to leave the house to get started. I recommend getting tested to all my friends and family. I want them hanging around longer.I have known too many people in the who should have had many more years to live but didn’t get checked for unknown reasons. There is no reason why you shouldn't get checked.

53, Queensland, Tested regularly

I am a dad, I have a duty of care. Not only to stick around but also so my kids know what is coming their way in a few years' time. I want them to know what they need to watch out for. That being said, I also have a way of life I want to keep, I've got dreams, I've got ambitions, I've got a retirement plan. I want to keep getting on the bike a few times a week, I want to keep taking the kids down to the tennis court. Looking after my health not only is my job as a husband and father, but it keeps me doing the things I want to be doing.It is hard to find the time to take care of yourself with 12-hour shifts, but when Maxwell Plus came and talked to us - the numbers shocked me. It shocked me that more men die from prostate cancer than women die from breast cancer. What you guys have invented is brilliant, it's peace of mind so we can forget about it until we get the reminder. We can just get on with life again knowing it's fine. Seeing the next generation build these things makes me excited. My old doctor just used to jab me in the arm and say "you're good, see you later". I know you guys are doing a better job. You're specialists, you're innovating.

52, Queensland, Tested regularly